• Taste & Aroma

    "Great taste and aroma!!" - Joe
  • Lucia Habano

    "Having a day with my family and a Lucia Habano.  One of the best cigars I've ever had!"  -Joe
  • Father and Son

    “A medium bodied but smooth enjoyable smoke that lasts, perfect for the the golf course or a spring day.” Lou, Sr. & Lou, Jr.
  • Box Pressed

    "The Best box-pressed cigar you can buy.  Love Momma Lucia!". - John R. - Wayne, NJ
  • Perfect Draw

    "The Lucia Habano is just so smooth with a perfect draw."  - Tim - Hallandale Beach, FL.
  • Lucia Connecticut

    "I would highly recommend the Lucia Connecticut to family, friends and colleagues.  It had great flavor, smoked smoothly and burned evenly.  I will...
  • Quarantining with Lucia

    "If you have to quarantine why not isolate with the people you love, sharing the sunshine, a drink and a Lucia cigar!  A beautiful boxed pressed, l...
  • Lucia Cigar Customer Reviews

    "I am glad I tried the Lucia Cigar.  I had the Connecticut wrapper and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I typically smoke mild cigars and this didn't disapp...