• Boats & Lucia

    "My favorite cigar while on the boat."
  • Winner

    "I am on my 10th Lucia.  Each one is better than the next.  You have a winner here!"
  • Scotch & Cigar

    "What do DT, MT and LT all have in common?  We all enjoy a nice box-pressed Lucia"
  • NBA Star Kendrick Perkins

    "I love my Lucia's!" - Kendrick Perkins
  • Value

    "I have had $20 cigars that aren't as good as this!" - Frank D - North Jersey
  • The Best!

    "Enjoying the best cigar I have ever had" - Ross
  • Amazing

    "There is only one word to describe this cigar ... Amazing!" - David O.
  • Great Value

    "Best value cigar on the planet!!!" - Nicky Mats
  • NYC

    "This is a great cigar!" Howie - NYC
  • Big Play Ray

    "This is a big play cigar!" - Big Play Ray - Long Branch
  • Taste & Aroma

    "Great taste and aroma!!" - Joe
  • Lucia Habano

    "Having a day with my family and a Lucia Habano.  One of the best cigars I've ever had!"  -Joe